General Features:

CleanEx desktop washing machines are designed to perform the cleaning of small parts such as jewellery, laboratory, dental and medical equipment. In the CleanEx washing systems where ultrasonic washing takes place in a small desktop mounted tank, 28kHz ultrasonic is offered as standard.

Washing system: Desktop ultrasonic washing systems
Working principle: Materials are placed into baskets placed in the tank and ultrasonic washing is performed.
Tank system: single tank with heating
Construction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Ultrasonic: 28kHz
ModelBasket Dimensions
(l*w*h) mm
Tank Dimensions
(l*w*h) mm
External Dimensions
(l*w*h) mm
CleanEx 901
CleanEx 911
CleanEx 1201
CleanEx 1211
CleanEx 2001
CleanEx 2011
CleanEx 2801
CleanEx 2811

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» Small and compact desktop design
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Suitable for light to medium weight items
» Manual installation
» Designed for delicate cleaning

Washing steps:
» The entire process takes place in a single tank

Addable Features
» 40kHz ultrasonic available at request

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