General Features:

MobileClean units consisting of ultrasonic piezoelectrical transducers housed inside a waterproof stainless-steel box. MobileClean units can be installed into existing tanks retrofitting them or included in a brand new newly designed machine to ensure the sensitive cleaning of heavy dirt such as oil, grease, production wastes accumulated on all surfaces of the parts coming out of the production or maintenance line. MobileClean ultrasonic modules work with generators that convert mains voltage to ultrasonic power in a process known as cavitation.

Washing system: Ultrasonic transducers located special designed waterproof stainless steel boxes.
Working principle: Works by being mounted into liquid filled tank.
Construction: Constructed from 2.0mm stainless steel 316L as standard. Other materials are available at request.
Ultrasonic Generator
ModelUltrasonic Power
MBL GN 500-11000peak/500eff
MBL GN 500-21000peak/500eff
MBL GN 750-11500peak/750eff
MBL GN 750-21500peak/750eff
MBL GN 1000-12000peak/1000eff
MBL GN 1000-22000peak/1000eff
MBL GN 1250-12500peak/1250eff
MBL GN 1250-22500peak/1250eff
MBL GN 1500-13000peak/1500eff
MBL GN 1500-23000peak/1500eff
MBL GN 2000-14000peak/2000eff
MBL GN 2000-24000peak/2000eff

Ultrasonic Module
(l-w-h) mm
Ultrasonic Power
MBL TR 500MBL TR 5001000peak/500eff
MBL TR 750-1MBL TR 750-11500peak/750ef
MBL TR 750-2MBL TR 750-21500peak/750ef
MBL TR 750-3MBL TR 750-31500peak/750ef
MBL TR 1000-1MBL TR 1000-12000peak/1000eff
MBL TR 1000-2MBL TR 1000-22000peak/1000eff
MBL TR 1000-3MBL TR 1000-32000peak/1000eff
MBL TR 1000-4MBL TR 1000-42000peak/1000eff
MBL TR 1250-1MBL TR 1250-12500peak/1250eff
MBL TR 1250-2MBL TR 1250-22500peak/1250eff
MBL TR 1500-1MBL TR 1500-13000peak/1500eff
MBL TR 1500-2MBL TR 1500-23000peak/1500eff
MBL TR 2000-1MBL TR 2000-14000peak/2000eff
MBL TR 2000-1800*400*904000peak/2000eff

***Contact us for more technical information.
» Cost savings
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Provides delicate cleaning
Addable Features
» Adjustable ultrasonic power setting 50%, 75% and 100%
» 316Ti and 318LN (duplex) stainless steel can be used upon request
» Can be placed on tank floor, mounted on side walls or hung from the tank walls with hooks

***All our MobileClean modules can be custom designed according to the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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