General Features:

MultiClean multi tank ultrasonic washing systems are designed for the cleaning of sensitive parts in the production and maintenance lines of all sectors. Effectively used in the precision cleaning of the smallest holes and sections of all kinds of parts in production, maintenance and repair lines before surface treatment or final assembly. In MultiClean washing systems, effective and sensitive cleaning is performed with pre-washing, ultrasonic washing, rinsing, extra-rinsing and drying processes based on part contamination. In the MultiClean washing system, where multi-tank cleaning takes place, 28kHz ultrasonic is offered as standard located at the tank floor depending on the tank volume.

Washing system: Multistage ultrasonic washing system
Working principle: The parts are placed into baskets and cleaned in pre-washing, ultrasonic washing, rinsing, passivation (optional), drying, vacuum drying (optional) stages.
Tank system: multi-boiler with individually heating
Construction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Ultrasonic: 28kHz as standard. 40kHz available at request.
ModelBasket Size
(l-w-h) mm
External Size
(l-w-h) mm
Tank Capacity
MultiClean 2-60450*250*3501650*600*90060
MultiClean 2-80560*280*3501900*630*90080
MultiClean 2-120560*450*3501900*800*900120
MultiClean 2-160800*450*3502350*800*900160
MultiClean 2-240800*680*3502350*1050*900240
MultiClean 3-60450*250*3502300*600*90060
MultiClean 3-80560*280*3502670*630*90080
MultiClean 3-120560*450*3502670*800*900120
MultiClean 3-160800*450*3503350*800*900160
MultiClean 3-240800*680*3503350*1050*900240
MultiClean 4-60450*250*3502950*600*90060
MultiClean 4-80560*280*3503450*630*90080
MultiClean 4-120560*450*3503450*800*900120
MultiClean 4-160800*450*3504400*800*900160
MultiClean 4-240800*680*3504400*1050*900240
MultiClean 5-60450*250*3503600*600*90060
MultiClean 5-80560*280*3505170*630*90080
MultiClean 5-120560*450*3505170*800*900120
MultiClean 5-160800*450*3505400*800*900160
MultiClean 5-240800*680*3505400*1050*900240

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» Space saving
» Costs saving
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Suitable for light to medium weight items up to 40kg as standard
» Manual installation and basket transfer as standard
» Designed for delicate cleaning applications
» At low liquid level protection which stops the machine
» Cleaning time and temperature are adjustable
» Automatic loading and unloading basket transfer system can be integrated (optional)
» Pneumatic loading and unloading basket transfer system can be integrated (optional)
» Can be integrated into the serial production line (optional)

Washing steps:
» Prewash, ultrasonic wash, wash (optional), rinse, extra rinse (optional), hot air and vacuum drying stages available.

Addable Features
» Dual and multi frequency ultrasonics available
» AISI 316L or AISI 316T stainless steel can be used at request
» Oil separation
» Pump filtration
» Automatic water filling/draining
» Pump circulation
» Chemical dosing systems
» Pneumatic oscillating platforms
» Pneumatic vertical opening/sliding covers
» Drum basket rotation system and revolving baskets
» Crane, pneumatic and automatic basket transfer systems
» Other system features

***All our MultiClean washing systems can be specially designed according to the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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